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7 Risks Of Using Self-Storage Units To Archive Your Medical Records

If you're a medical facility that treats patients directly, runs meetings, or engages in confidential research, your organisation will stack up a vast number of permanent records as the years roll by. While you won't always need to access these records every day, patient data...

7 Questions To Ask Your Document And Data Storage Company

When choosing a remote document storage provider, you'll want to get the best choice for your budget. You'll also want to make sure that the company is transparent, accountable, safe, accredited, and capable. By asking the right questions, you can rapidly assess whether a...

Why Isn’t Dropbox Secure For Storing Confidential Medical Records?

It’s not even three years since the NHS formally approved the use of the Cloud for the storage of digital medical records. Consequently, hospitals and GP and dental surgeries are now playing catch up to find a digital way to store sensitive medical files.

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