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How To Dispose Of Confidential Documents With Secure Document Shredding

In a famous scene in the BBC spy series Spooks, technical analyst Malcolm ingeniously recreates an essential piece of evidence by assembling shredded pieces of paper, like a jigsaw, in no time at all! Fortunately, such moments of brilliance are confined to the fictional screens...

What Is The Record Retention Schedule For UK Universities?

Universities generate invoices, assessments, student records, minutes, and ephemera just as quickly as any other business or charity. Once these assorted documents have served their day-to-day purposes, they become known as records.

How Long Do NHS Records Have To Be Kept For?

If you work in any part of the National Health Service (NHS), you're inevitably going to have to work with paperwork as well as patients. Medical notes, meeting minutes, financial receipts, equipment logs, and visual media (such as X-Ray slides) are all part and parcel of...

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