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5 Frequently Asked Questions About GDPR Data Subject Access Requests

Under the Data Protection Act 2018, most famous for incorporating the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), any individual is entitled to request access to the personal data that an organisation or business holds about them. While Data Subject Access Requests...

3 Ways Digital Document Storage Can Help Your Business To Survive Covid-19

The pandemic has had a serious effect on many UK businesses. Future-proofing your business now against financial losses, and establishing your business on a strong footing for a good recovery is a wise decision. Migrating from paper-based record keeping to digital Cloud storage...

Are Third Party Cloud Storage Services Safe For Archiving Medical Records?

Security and legality are paramount when storing your confidential medical records. Whether your files are digitised or printed, you have an ethical and statutory duty to keep all the sensitive data that's entrusted to you safe, user-limited, and deletable on request.

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