It’s estimated that 20% of UK businesses still rely primarily on paper documents so, if your company is struggling to manage folders or filing cabinets that are bursting at the seams, be reassured that you’re not alone! Digitising your most important documents is a good space saving solution, with several benefits that are guaranteed to improve the way you work. Above all, digital document storage solutions are secure, accessible, efficient, and cost-effective.


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1) Your Sensitive Documents Will Be Secure.

Paper documents are notoriously insecure. Even Government ministers have come unstuck after making highly publicised mistakes, in which sensitive papers have been accidentally exposed to the public eye.

Digitised documents eliminate the need for vulnerable paper copies, as they are kept securely in the Cloud, away from prying eyes or the risk of fire. Strict security protocols can be implemented to protect data from cyberattacks. Digitised document storage also means your organisation will adhere more strictly to its legal responsibilities. With GDPR compliant document storage, the destruction of images can be timed, ensuring that your business retains copies only for as long as it is necessary.

2) Accessibility Improves Productivity.

One of the upsides of document digitisation is the ease of access, eliminating lengthy paper trails. Rather than spending hours searching through files or boxes, digitised images can be located quickly, using a simple keyword search.

3) Digitisation Saves Money.

Maintaining paper records is expensive. Businesses that print emails, invoices, and other correspondence quickly discover that consumables, such as printer ink and paper, ramp up their spending. Besides, few companies have the space to store extensive paper records on-site. By contrast, a digitised document service cuts many of these overheads, with minimal ongoing costs and space requirements.

4) Remote Working Just Got Easier.

With more people now working from home, it’s more important than ever to access important documents immediately. Paperwork ‘in the office’ is of little use when you need it at home, right away! Digitised content can be accessed in the Cloud from any location with an Internet connection, so quick document retrieval is simple. Teams working in different areas can collaborate on a single document simultaneously, improving information exchange and communication.

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