The world may be moving through a digital transformation, but many businesses in and around Slough are still drowning in paperwork, stumbling through rooms filled with boxes of obsolete files. If you find this to be the case at your organisation, we recommend making use of our off-site document storage service to streamline the data you need and dispose of the documents that you don’t.

Financial Document Storage in Slough

As organisations and financial institutions continue to navigate the complexities of data security and compliance, we are pleased to provide our ongoing support. Whether you're a multinational corporation managing vast amounts of sensitive financial data or a local business ensuring the confidentiality of your clients' financial records, our tailored solutions are designed to alleviate the burdens of document management while maintaining the highest standards of safeguarding.

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Medical Document Storage in Slough

Information relating to a person’s health is sensitive. For that reason, additional care and attention must be given to keeping it secure. At our dedicated document storage, we can ensure that your patients' medical records are protected, organised, and readily accessible whenever they are needed.


School Document Storage in Slough

Schools, colleges and universities handle a variety of documents. Many of these are physical, taking up valuable space and potentially compromising the institution’s ability to manage its records effectively, in line with strict data protection laws. If you believe that your document storage solution could be improved, our specialists are ready to provide a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

Related Services

Our approach to document management is a comprehensive one. That’s why, alongside off-site storage, we also provide several other services to organisations in Slough.

Document Scanning in Slough

Finding a specific physical document can sometimes be difficult. By digitising and cataloguing your files, you can make the process a quick and easy one. Our service starts by picking up your files at a time to suit you, recording exactly what leaves your site. Next, we’ll remove the staples and run the documents through our high-speed, high-resolution scanners. The digital assets are then stored in our portal, allowing you to quickly find what you’re looking for whenever you need it.

Digital Document Storage

Document Shredding in Slough

When physical documents become obsolete, you might find that they take up valuable space in your building that could be put to better use. Disposing of these files must be done in accordance with data protection laws; failure to do so could lead to legal action being taken against your organisation. Our document shredding service is GDPR-compliant, meaning that data is irrecoverable and you are meeting your obligations in an affordable, effective and environmentally responsible way.


Document Storage Products in Slough

If you find that our document storage, scanning and shredding services aren’t suitable for your needs, we also offer a number of products that can support your organisation’s file management. Included in that list of products are triple-corrugated cardboard boxes - perfect for storing files during an office move - Lloyd George record boxes, and document storage bags.

CAS Accreditations-1

International accreditations


ISO 14001 Environmental Management

We have consistently met management processes that reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to sustainability on both a regional and national level.

ISO 15489 Records Management

Our ISO 15489 accreditation demonstrates that we have achieved all the requirements for the Records Management Industry. With our medical records scanning service, you can rest assured that appropriate attention and protection is given to the processing and management of your document and file storage.

ISO 9001 Quality Management

This best-recognised quality management standard demonstrates that our systems have achieved the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Technology, Security Techniques and Information Security Management

This ISO accreditation demonstrates our compliance with all international regulations relating to surveillance, security and staff confidentiality - crucial in preserving the security and integrity of private records.

Cyber Essentials Plus

We are compliant with the Cyber Essentials Plus enhanced security audit, an assessment that confirms our organisation meets a specific set of standards in relation to IT infrastructure.

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