In a famous scene in the BBC spy series Spooks, technical analyst Malcolm ingeniously recreates an essential piece of evidence by assembling shredded pieces of paper, like a jigsaw, in no time at all! Fortunately, such moments of brilliance are confined to the fictional screens of television, and shredding remains an incredibly safe way to dispose of your organisation’s confidential files.


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Why Secure Disposal Of Documents Matters

The disposal of paperwork is important for several reasons. If you store sensitive information, such as financial data, customers’ contact details, or private communications, for it to fall into the wrong hands could prove disastrous.

Personal data can be used by criminals to falsify identities or gain access to bank accounts. Simultaneously, the exposure of private information, such as health records, erodes trust in organisations. A data breach could undermine trust in your business, driving customers away. Failing to dispose of confidential data securely can also breach data protection regulations, with investigations and fines not uncommon.

How Document Shredding Can Help

Paper and document shredding is one of the most effective ways of destroying information and rendering it impossible to recover. At CAS, our secure document shredding service is designed to give you peace of mind that your sensitive data is eradicated and that your business meets its obligations under the Data Protection Act. Once shredded, the paper documents can be safely recycled.

Here’s how it works:

  • Storage: We provide your organisation with free lockable bins, sacks, or consoles, so you can deposit the paperwork that you wish to dispose of. There’s no mess or untidy piles of paper in your office, just inconspicuous storage facilities that keep your unwanted documents in one place.
  • Collection: We collect your documents each week, or on a one-off visit if you’re having an office clear-out, and transport them to our secure facility.
  • Destruction: Every piece of paper is double shredded for confidentiality and security. There’s no way Malcolm will be putting this paperwork back together!
  • Recycling: The shredded paper is recycled following the highest environmental standards. We use low CO2 vehicles in all our operations to reduce our impact on the environment.

Confidential And Secure Document Shredding

If you need confidential and reliable business document shredding, or wish to dispose of sensitive paperwork, such as patients’ medical records, our shredding services guarantee a secure solution. For more information on our contract-free, flexible service, contact us today by phone or email.

Image Source: Pixabay

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