We are all trying to collectively adjust to the challenges presented by COVID-19. Harnessing technology will play a key role including virtual tools such as Teams, Slack and Salesforce. However, this can be a real challenge if you require access to physical files that are normally stored off-site, away from internal directories. In such instances, our Digital Delivery service gives you quick access to your documents on any device, from any location, within 4 working hours.


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Why Digital Delivery?

Digital Delivery provides convenient, digital-format access to physical documents in any circumstances. However, it is especially useful if you or your team have taken the decision to transfer to remote working during the Covid 19 pandemic, or key employees are working from self-isolation. Delivery is secure, fast and requires no physical handling or contact.

How It Works

Digital Delivery creates an accurate, high-resolution digital copy of a document, as and when it is needed. For companies with large numbers of physical documents in storage, it may not be practical or convenient to digitise them in one go – hence Digital Delivery. You simply request digital versions of the records you need, when you need them.

How To Access Your Digital Delivery Files

  • Contact us to request your documents at boxtransfer@cas.ltd
  • Our document management professionals quickly locate your file via our Prostore document management platform using barcode and document tracking software.
  • Paper clips, staples, and extraneous items are removed.
  • Each page is individually scanned, including handwritten notes, amendments and post-its.
  • The digital files are individually coded and added to your virtual record library.
  • Your physical documents are returned to your storage box.
  • Your Digital Delivery is completed via secure transfer.

Fast track turnaround time for urgent requests.

Costs are applied on a per-document basis, giving you flexible control over your level of digital access. To request a scanned document or to find out more, please call 0845 50 50 003, or email boxtransfer@cas.ltd

Image source: Pixabay

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