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How Offsite Document Storage Can Save You Space, Time, And Money – And Boost Security Too!

For many businesses, managing a large quantity of paperwork is a logistical nightmare. There is never enough space for storage, files frequently go missing, and nobody wants to be accountable for their security. As well as eliminating these issues, offsite document storage...

How To Safely Dispose Of Old Confidential Documents (And Why You Should Leave It To Us)

While retaining important documents containing highly confidential information is a major priority for many businesses, so too is the need to securely dispose of them when necessary. This is often not as simple as it might sound, especially if you want to ensure it's done...

Why Do You Need To Retain Patient Medical Records?

There are multiple reasons why it's important for medical professionals and GP Surgeries to keep long term medical records for their patients, and ensure they are safe, secure and easily accessible at all times.

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