For many people who start up a small business, the sky might be the limit. But sometimes, reality brings small businesses crashing down to Earth. Whether it’s overrunning overheads or a lack of space for expansion, there can be physical or financial constraints. And in an increasingly digital age, there might be cyber security threats which derail the best business plan.


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There are nearly 5.7 million small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) across the UK. CAS has a range of small business services specifically catering to the needs of this sector. We can help reduce rent costs by optimising the use of office space by SMEs. And storing critical documents and data securely off-site can lower insurance premiums. What’s more, all our small business service customers benefit from our premium service levels at affordable prices.

Our range of small business services covers all your needs. We know there’s so much more to running a small business than paper documents and digital data:

Archive Storage

Many SMEs build up significant document archives. Our archive storage service is transparent, efficient and cost-effective. Our all-inclusive contract offers free collection and retrieval of documents and does not charge for non-urgent deliveries of your documents.


Organising files efficiently can be a constant struggle for SMEs. This vital element of a business is often lost in the job description for a general office management role. Why not outsource your cataloguing and file organisation. After an overview of the volume and content of the files, and an initial consultation, our document management specialists will organise your files in a clear and systematic way.

Secure Document Management

Premises security is a problem which concerns many SMEs. These headaches can be resolved by using CAS storage facilities. Security is integrated into all our processes. All team members at our storage facility have had criminal record checks through the DBS, from document-handling staff to security personnel. All facilities have gated perimeter fences, 24/7 security patrols and advanced CCTV, together with environmental controls and advanced fire protection systems. Even document transport to and from storage is safe with our dedicated fleet of GPS-tracked vehicles.

Cloud and Digital Document Management

SMEs can rarely afford file servers with adequate security protection. Save space, increase flexibility and improve efficiency with our cloud-based document management system. Even documents that you have on paper can be duplicated or backed up in a digital format.

Document Scanning

In an increasingly digital world, SMEs often overlook the costs of staff time spent scanning documents. And hours may be spent troubleshooting problems with multi-function printers in the first place. CAS’ document scanning services offer major cost and time savings. Frequently accessed documents can be scanned and made available for use immediately in electronic format. Other less frequently documents can be scanned on demand.

Document Shredding

Safeguarding confidential data is essential for SMEs to comply with the new Europe-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our secure document shredding and recycling service has been engineered to be the easiest, safest and most environmentally responsible way to deal with your confidential documents and waste paper.

Data Disposal

Even SMEs have highly sensitive data stored on their IT equipment. Keeping this information safe and secure once the equipment reaches the end of its life can be a real worry. CAS’s data disposal services can help you get rid of obsolete PC’s, laptops, mobiles and data storage devices.


However small your stationery requirements, CAS offers significant cost savings and efficiencies for SMEs. Our ordering system provides high service levels, and our deliveries are reliable.

Document Storage Boxes

We supply our robust triple-walled document storage boxes to all our SME customers who use our storage facilities. If you decide to retain some of your files at your premises, these boxes and document storage bags are also available to purchase. CAS boxes have an ergonomically designed handle which makes them more comfortable and safe to carry, helping you meet health and safety requirements. And for smaller offices we have document storage bags too.

Small business services that enhance cyber security

One particular area that is crucial for small businesses is cyber security. Small businesses receive regular phishing emails, or may even be subject to denial of service attacks. With GDPR in place, SMEs must also protect their employees’, clients’ and customers’ data. With CAS small business services, SMEs can rest assured that we’ll help them meet their duties. All our services are GDPR-compliant, and we set great store in our high levels of physical and cyber security. But we can also point them in the direction of help to boost their internal security systems. For instance, the National Federation of Self-Employed and Small Businesses (FSB) has a useful checklist of cyber security tips on its website (

Why not contact one of our experienced team today, and find out how CAS can save you money on range of small business services. We can help you stay ambitious for your businesses without running away with costs. But don’t just take our word for it. We carry an impressive array of international certifications (ISOs) which prove our compliance with the strictest national, European and international laws.

For organisations looking for small business services, contact CAS today to get a free quote or to find out more.

About CAS small business services

CAS provides comprehensive and secure small business services including document storage and management. For more than 20 years CAS have worked with NHS Trusts, Financial Services providers, and corporate and private clients. Our head office is just four miles from the City of London, supported by our advanced storage centres across the UK. CAS has an impressive array of International certifications (ISOs), which prove our compliance with the strictest national, European and international laws. They also demonstrate our commitment to provide innovative systems on security, confidentiality and quality control in keeping your files safe and well managed.

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