Safe secure disposal of IT equipment.

Disposal of IT equipment and secure data destruction needn’t be a headache. CAS can help you find a more efficient and cost-effective way of dealing with secure computer disposal, from computer hard drives and magnetic tapes through to PDAs and external storage devices.

Most organisations have large quantities of highly sensitive data stored on their IT equipment. Keeping this information safe and secure once the equipment reaches the end of its life, or has become obsolete, can be a real worry. And with the proliferation of devices due to the move away from PCs towards laptops, tablets and smartphones; this problem is becoming ever more acute for many organisations. Justified fears include confidential personal information getting into the wrong hands, and the consequent damage to an organisation’s reputation, let alone the risk of a fine from the data protection authorities.

For many organisations, this leads to old and unwanted IT equipment being ‘stockpiled’. And stockpiling takes up much-needed and expensive office space. CAS can help. Our IT disposal and secure data destruction services are fully accredited.


Why it’s important to dispose of your IT equipment securely

There are all sorts of regulations that you have to comply with when it comes to data protection, covered by the Data Protection Act 1998. If you store any of your customers’ and clients’ personal data, you should already be registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The ICO website has a handy data protection self-assessment toolkit ( If you fail to look after any of this personal data adequately, you might receive an unlimited fine from the ICO – and this would certainly include instances where data had been lost due to obsolete equipment not having been disposed of securely and safely.

But you must also ensure that your organisation meets the terms of the European Community’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE). This covers most products that have a plug or need a battery, and will certainly include all your IT and telecommunications equipment. While most of the responsibility for disposing of such equipment lies with the manufacturers and distributors, it’s vital that you consider how to handle IT disposal and data destruction securely.


How the CAS IT disposal service works

CAS secure computer disposal and secure data destruction services are fully in compliance with Data Protection legislation and the WEEE directive. CAS has industry-leading accreditation, including ISO 27001 (Information technology, Security techniques and Information security management). And with over 20 years’ experience of disposing of clients’ documents securely, you can rest assured that all your data will be in safe hands with CAS.

Using the latest technology, your old or unwanted hard drives and magnetic media including tapes, optical media (CDs/DVDs, Blu-ray), credit and identity cards, USB sticks, mobile phones and PDAs are shredded into tiny particles that make data recovery impossible.

The advantages of our WEEE-compliant removal and disposal of IT equipment service include:

Collection – We arrange to pick up all your IT equipment from your company location.

Cataloguing – We itemise all equipment which we remove, and provide an asset list and a waste transfer note. Did you know? CAS also provide an expert document cataloguing service.

Secure computer disposal – We provide a service which covers all digital and magnetic media including hard drives, discs, and back-up media. By ensuring that devices cannot be read or retrieved, we give you peace of mind for your secure data destruction.

Certification – We supply a certificate of secure data destruction.

Simplicity – We charge by the kilogram, so our simple cost-effective pricing structure helps make life easy – especially where there is a mix of different obsolete, or unwanted, IT equipment.

As well as disposal of it equipment, CAS also offers a comprehensive and cost-effective document shredding service.


Moving office?

If you’re moving offices soon, why not take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of any obsolete IT equipment which you may have accumulated. CAS’s office removals and storage service can help you with all your office logistics, so that you can make the most of your new office space.