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Scan On Demand: Rapid Access To Your Physical Documents From Any Location

If you have physical files stored in our warehouse, our scan on demand service gives you quick access to your documents on any device, from any location, with a fast two hour turnaround.

Create a dynamic off-site archive with live file storage

For many organisations, deciding on what documents to archive is a headache. We talked in a recent blog about the importance of having a document retention schedule, so that all staff know how long and why to keep records. Of course, there are some documents which only need to...

Sweeping ambition, tight costs: small business services

For many people who start up a small business, the sky might be the limit. But sometimes, reality brings small businesses crashing down to Earth. Whether it’s overrunning overheads or a lack of space for expansion, there can be physical or financial constraints. And in an...

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