If your business has a seemingly unending torrent of paper flowing through it, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it isn’t money that makes the world go round! Many organisations struggle with how to store documents, records, and other necessary paperwork in a way that facilitates secure but easy access, without taking up acres of office space. The more shelving, or cupboards that are allocated for storage, the more challenging the problem becomes. Storing documents in an offsite facility offers several benefits. However, is the cost of offsite document storage a price worth paying?

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The Hidden Savings Of Offsite Document Storage

If you’re considering offsite document storage, it’s easy to focus on the fees you’ll have to pay, but there are real cost savings too:


Optimise Your Office Pace

Moving your document storage offsite is a great way to create more space, offering you the chance to redesign your layout or expand your operations. As you’re not facing a growing mountain of paperwork that will need in-house storage solutions, you won’t need to allocate spending for new furniture or larger premises, slashing your future costs.

Improved Productivity Generates Higher Profits

Using offsite storage increases efficiency and productivity, as colleagues do not waste time filing paperwork or locating documents. Instead, you can focus on expanding profits, strengthening customer relations or attracting new business. So, while you’ll have to budget for storage fees, the long-term savings will make this well-worth paying.

Flexible Document Storage That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

When evaluating storage providers, make sure you inquire about their pricing structure. Storage fees should never straitjacket your business, but should respond to your access and security needs as these change. Look for a document storage company that offers a flexible fee structure, so you only pay for the space you use. It is useful to plan for your future storage needs but entering a fixed-term contract isn’t necessary. The more flexibility you are offered, the more document storage will work for your business.

Tailored Document Storage That Meets Your Needs

As well as being cost-effective, offsite storage solutions may add value to your business in other ways. For instance, document destruction dates enable your business to adhere to data protection regulations. Personal or confidential information shouldn’t be retained longer than necessary. If the storage provider can schedule the destruction of documents on your behalf, compliance is taken care of without the need for physical input from you.

Digital document storage converts printed paper versions to digitised versions stored securely in the Cloud. These are instantly accessible whenever you need them, even if you aren’t in the office.

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Whether you wish to transfer your printed records to an offsite facility or make the switch to Cloud-based storage, at CAS, we deliver flexible and cost-effective storage solutions. For more information, get in touch by phone or email, and we’ll be delighted to assist.

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