When placing documents in a box for moving or storage, it’s important that they come out in the same condition that they went in. The best way to ensure they do is to place the files in triple-walled corrugated boxes. This avoids flimsy containers that might crumple when stacked on top of each other, ruining their contents and making them harder to carry.

The multi-layered structure of our triple-wall cardboard boxes makes them extremely resilient, allowing them to endure knocks, scrapes, bashes and drops far better than a single-walled box. 

We trust their ability to safeguard your files so wholeheartedly that we personally use them to pack and transport documents when assisting with storage, shredding, and office moves. Important documents should be given proper protection, and our boxes provide it.

The benefits of using our triple-walled corrugated boxes include:

Responsibly Sourced

Cardboard is often recycled as many as five times throughout the course of its life, making it one of the most eco-friendly materials available. Whether you need one triple-walled corrugated box or 100, you can order them safe in the knowledge that they are part of the cardboard lifecycle, and not limited to a single use.


Enhanced Durability

A single-walled box has just one barrier against knocks, falls, and scratches. As a result, the documents inside can easily become damaged, or even lost if the box is breached. In contrast, triple corrugated cardboard boxes take durability to the next level. With three layers of corrugated material, these boxes create a sturdy shield around your documents. This added reinforcement greatly reduces the risk of damage during handling, transit, and storage.


Versatile Usage

It’s not just documents that benefit from being stored or transported in a suitably strong container. Things like records, books, clothing and even artworks can all be entrusted to the care of a triple-wall cardboard box thanks to its robust construction. Regardless of what you need to store or transport, these boxes offer a reliable solution that ensures your items reach their destination in optimal condition.

CAS Accreditations-1

International accreditations


ISO 14001 Environmental Management

We have consistently met management processes that reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to sustainability on both a regional and national level.

ISO 15489 Records Management

Our ISO 15489 accreditation demonstrates that we have achieved all the requirements for the Records Management Industry. With our medical records scanning service, you can rest assured that appropriate attention and protection is given to the processing and management of your document and file storage.

ISO 9001 Quality Management

This best-recognised quality management standard demonstrates that our systems have achieved the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Technology, Security Techniques and Information Security Management

This ISO accreditation demonstrates our compliance with all international regulations relating to surveillance, security and staff confidentiality - crucial in preserving the security and integrity of private records.

Cyber Essentials Plus

We are compliant with the Cyber Essentials Plus enhanced security audit, an assessment that confirms our organisation meets a specific set of standards in relation to IT infrastructure.