Live file Storage

Need to work with many documents every day but running out of space in your office?

Don’t worry. We have the answer.

We speak to many organisations which are fast running out of space in their offices, because of the size of their document archive they’re storing on-site or the size of their computer server. And as rents in central London and other city centres only ever seem to rise, it can end up expensive to keep your whole document archive in your office.

This is where CAS can help. If you are thinking of offsite storage options, but need regular or even daily access to documents, then talk to us about live file storage solutions. Our live file storage system provides online document storage, allowing our clients store their documents offsite but also to work with them on a continuing basis through our secure online storage system.

Document file storage, with a difference

With our fully hosted live-file storage system, records that are in constant use can be retrieved, updated and returned to storage 24/7. CAS’s online file storage system comes with customised search criteria that enables authorised personnel to access records remotely from anywhere in the UK. This requirement is facilitated through an advanced and totally secure, password-protected online portal.

Our live file storage system not only saves you money, it will also save you valuable floor space and time. We offer maximum flexibility and ease of access to your files. All of our clients’ needs are different, and we pride ourselves on catering to your specific requirements.

Highlights of CAS’s live file document storage service include:

  • Security – Knowing that all your documents are being stored in high security, fire-proofed warehousing by a company with, whether you need digital or hard copies of the documents, we provide secure record storage.

  • Cost Savings – Lowering your costs compared to on-site document storage, as you free up valuable office space, while gaining easy access to digital copies of the documents you need.

  • Quality – CAS is an ISO certified provider with industry-leading accreditation, to assure you that we can provide the highest standards of secure document storage

This service fits neatly into the suite of CAS’s document archiving and storage services. By combining your live file storage solution with scanning-on-demand, you can be even more efficient about only creating digital copies of the documents which you need on a regular basis. Our CAS-Cloud system allows you to access your documents wherever you are in the world, as well as easily sharing files between users.

You can see how live file storage has been used by one of our clients in this case study on our blog.

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International accreditations


ISO 14001 Environmental Management

We have consistently met management processes that reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to sustainability on both a regional and national level.

ISO 15489 Records Management

Our ISO 15489 accreditation demonstrates that we have achieved all the requirements for the Records Management Industry. With our medical records scanning service, you can rest assured that appropriate attention and protection is given to the processing and management of your document and file storage.

ISO 9001 Quality Management

This best-recognised quality management standard demonstrates that our systems have achieved the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Technology, Security Techniques and Information Security Management

This ISO accreditation demonstrates our compliance with all international regulations relating to surveillance, security and staff confidentiality - crucial in preserving the security and integrity of private records.

Cyber Essentials Plus

We are compliant with the Cyber Essentials Plus enhanced security audit, an assessment that confirms our organisation meets a specific set of standards in relation to IT infrastructure.