archive storage companiesArchive storage companies can offer many benefits to businesses.

With office sizes shrinking both in the UK and USA perhaps one of the most important of these is reducing the need to have space to store documents.

Data from the British Council for Offices shows that the average office tenant now uses around 35% less office space per worker than in 1997. In North America the average amount of space per office worker dropped to 176 square feet in 2012, from 225 in 2010. This trend is squeezing the amount of space available for storage - just one of the many reasons that organisations value archive storage companies.


There are many benefits of using archive storage companies to outsource document storage. When storing files ‘in-house’ it can be difficult to organise, update and maintain them, and can, in some cases can be a hazard to health and safety. Where sensitive client data is held, for example medical or financial details, confidentiality and security is paramount - organisations must ensure records are kept totally safe and secure.

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As an archive storage company with industry leading accreditation, CAS provide a service that is convenient to you and which can save time, effort and money as well as giving peace of mind. With us your documents will be well organised and easy to access. Using our ‘state of the art’ technology and file tracking systems, we can pinpoint files quickly and efficiently. Health and safety concerns are reduced too - businesses don’t need to worry about employees lifting, moving or tripping over boxes of files.

In terms of security CAS are ISO27001 accredited and are compliant with every international regulation on surveillance, security and staff confidentiality. Our gated and fireproof premises have state of the art of security and surveillance systems so that our clients can rest assured that their documents are stored safely.

Enjoy the convenience, ease of access and peace of mind of an industry leading archive storage company – call CAS Clarks today on 0845 505 00 03.

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