Good medical records storage is Good medical records storage vital to running a successful medical practice, facility or department.

In the NHS England Document and Records Policy medical records are identified as ‘a valuable resource because of the information they contain’. Furthermore, the policy goes on to say that ‘high quality information underpins the delivery of high quality evidence based healthcare. Information has most value when it is accurate, up to date and accessible when it is needed.”


So, how do you make sure that your medical records storage is in the best possible shape to help deliver excellent patient care? With medical records having such a long lifespan, finding enough space and making sure records are stored safely and securely whilst remaining easy to access, can be a challenge.

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Outsourcing your medical records storage so that it is in the hands of professionals in document management with industry leading accreditation could be the perfect solution.

At CAS our state of the art storage and cataloguing facilities make it easy for our clients to find the vital information they need without compromising security. Our commitment to secure storage is demonstrated by our ISO 27001 accreditation – CAS are compliant with every international regulation on surveillance, security and staff confidentiality.

The management of both digital and physical documents at CAS is tailored to the precise needs of the organisations we work with. We have a well-earned reputation for providing excellent customer service – we’re committed to offering the best document management services as evidenced by our industry leading accreditation.

Save on the in-house handling cost of your medical records storage, and let us take the strain of looking after your medical records safely and securely, leaving you to focus resources on providing high-quality healthcare for your patients.

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