Secure document shredding Secure document shredding is vital in ensuring that confidential information stays confidential.

It’s easy to assume that a standard office shredder will do the job properly – but shredding a large number of documents in the office can be time consuming, costly and messy and its no guarantee that sensitive information will stay confidential. With the right approach, and a little hard work, the information on documents that have been run through a standard office shredder can be accessed.


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Document shredding isn’t just about the protection of your business. The Data Protection Act demands that, when confidential documents are destroyed, the data destruction practices must be secure. Despite this many organisations still continue to use unsecure in-house document shredding and supposedly confidential paper shredding arrangements.

For more than twenty years, CAS has been securely shredding sensitive documents providing both onsite and offsite document shredding facilities at competitive rates. As part of our document shredding service, all documents are double shredded - not just giving peace of mind, but also complying with the Data Protection act - to ensure they cannot be read again. The shredded paper pulp is then securely recycled.

These rigorous processes are backed up by independent accreditation. ISO accredited in four areas, CAS are committed to providing customers with the best possible service. Specifically in relation to security techniques and information security management, as holders of ISO27001 CAS are compliant with every international regulation on surveillance, security and staff confidentiality.

CAS confidential document shredding services are flexible, responsible and cost-effective and serve London as well as the whole of the UK. Free bins, sacks and consoles are supplied and delivered as part of the service and you don’t need to enter into any contracts. Whatever your requirement (weekly collections, or a single office clear out), you can rest assured that CAS will take care of your document shredding and recycling needs.

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