Offsite document storage Offsite document storage has become increasingly popular in the UK.

It’s no wonder, when, according to data from the British Council for Offices (BCO), an industry club, the average office tenant now uses around 11 square metres per worker, 35% less than in 1997. Influenced by changes in technology and working practices, office space seems to be shrinking. This often puts pressure on storage space with little spare room available to keep important documents - just one of the good reasons that businesses value offsite document storage.

Offsite document storage also has other benefits. Businesses that store client records, particularly ones with sensitive content like financial or medical data,

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must ensure that they are kept totally safe and secure. Storing client files ‘in-house’ can also be difficult to organise and in some cases can pose a health and safety hazard.

Storing documents offsite at CAS Clarks is convenient, can save time, effort and money and gives peace of mind. With 24 hour CCTV, gated premises and fireproof warehouses with air controlled temperature clients can rest assured that their documents are safely stored. Using our state of the art technology and tracking systems files can be pinpointed in a matter of seconds – information is well organised and easy to access, saving time and effort when searching for files. An added benefit is that there is no need for businesses to worry about their employees lifting, moving or tripping over boxes of files and any injuries they might incur as a result of inefficient organisation and storage of files.

Businesses can relieve the pressure on office space and enjoy convenience and peace of mind by storing documents offsite with CAS Clarks.

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