Document storage companies can help improve productivity and avoid unnecessary ‘lost time’.

Research shows that it takes employees at big companies an average of 38 minutes to find a document.

This is at odds with an ‘information age’ where we are all used to the impressive speed of search engines which very often deliver search results in under a second!

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In our careers most of us will have often spent a frustrating amount of time searching for a document. We all know that the document is usually somewhere safe but just can’t quite remember which folder, box or server its been stored in! It’s quite a common problem in the office environment, one that the EDM Group recently measured in the UK’s financial services sector as costing up to £40 million a week (£2.1 billion per year) of employee salary.

It needn’t be like that! As one of the UK’s leading document storage companies, CAS can help businesses save time, effort and money. Concentrate on running your business without having to worry about looking after, and searching for, valuable documents.

With over 20 years’ document storage experience, and industry leading accreditation, CAS Clarks are well placed to help you improve productivity and help avoid time ‘wasted’ looking for documents. Safe, secure, state of the art archive storage facilities are matched by an extremely efficient document tracking process – all of which comply with strict EU and UK regulations. Whatever your documents, financial, legal, medical, HR or general office documentation, we do everything possible to manage your data by implementing the highest security management systems around.

It’s not just about easy access to documents and the highest levels of safety and security. Our clients are really important to us. We are always willing to listen to our clients and to adjust our service to suit their evolving needs.

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