Document management services Professional document management services can be a great help in dealing with the ever-increasing amount of information that businesses receive.

The indications are that the level of information we all receive, or have access to, will continue to increase. In a recent survey nearly 60% of people claimed that they now receive more information at work than they did three years ago.
An increase in information is one of the many reasons why many organisations see professional document management as essential to the smooth running of their businesses.


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A key advantage of professional document management is the amount of money, time and effort it can save. Living proof of this is that in the UK as a whole, employees spend 1.5 hours at a cost of £557 million a week looking for documents that they have lost or misplaced at work! (This equates to around 1.8% of the country’s GDP!)

When it is well executed by industry experts, there are many benefits to document management. Professional document management helps organisations save time, improve efficiency, save costs and gives peace of mind that documents can be accessed in the event of a disaster,

CAS, as providers of professional document management services, offer a number of solutions that help organisations store, and access their information. Whatever the sector, financial, legal, medical or general records, whatever the needs, from live file storage to archive storage, CAS can help. With industry leading accreditation clients can expect service that is second to none. They can also rest assured that as holders of ISO 27001 CAS are compliant with every international regulation on surveillance, security and staff confidentiality.

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