The pandemic has had a serious effect on many UK businesses. Future-proofing your business now against financial losses, and establishing your business on a strong footing for a good recovery is a wise decision. Migrating from paper-based record keeping to digital Cloud storage is a tactic that slashes costs, boosts productivity, and facilitates effective remote working. Here are three ways digital document storage can help you during the Covid recovery.

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1) Reducing Your Business’s Overheads

Digitising and storing your paperwork electronically can offer your business significant cost savings in the long-term. With unlimited storage space available in the Cloud, you needn’t worry about running out of space, so can afford to reduce your dependence on physical paper storage. Redesigning your workplace is made possible and, with less room needed for filing cabinets and storage boxes, you could even reduce your overall space requirements. A smaller office could slash your rental costs, while you can also save on the purchase of storage equipment, such as cabinets, shelving, and boxes.

2) More Efficient Working

Another cost saving by going digital can be achieved by improving the efficiency of your team. With documents digitised and saved to the Cloud for instant access at any time and from any location, your staff will be able to work more productively, with less time wasted on filing, tracing, and retrieving paper documents. Improved productivity means your colleagues can complete value-added tasks more quickly, generating additional income for your business. If you currently employ administration staff to manage large volumes of paper, you could even rewrite their job descriptions or redeploy the workforce.

3) Viable Remote Working

Many businesses have now committed to full or flexible remote working as a long-term strategy, even after lockdown restrictions are eased. Reducing the number of employees in the office means smaller premises are viable, while internet-based conferencing between colleagues and clients reduces travel and overnight accommodation costs. The need to access paperwork in the office has been a barrier to remote working in the past; however, with live file storage, digital versions of your key documents can be downloaded from the Cloud in seconds and shared between colleagues during live conferencing – without the need to be in the same room.

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At CAS, we offer an industry-leading live file storage solution that can be combined with on-demand scanning, so that digital versions of your business’s important documents can be securely stored in the Cloud for instant access from the office, home, or on the move.

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