Storing sensitive medical records in the UK is a heavy commitment - extensive legal protections safeguard their viewing, storage, and timed destruction criteria. Medical retention protection schedules can last for decades and often carry damaging fines and penalties for breaches, hacks, and leaks.

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Outsourcing the care of your medical archives to a professional third-party remote storage supplier and digitiser, such as CAS Ltd, is a great way to cut down the costs, risks, and administrative burden of dealing with a growing volume of medical documents. Here's why.

1) Streamlining Your Storage Space

The worst ongoing burden attached to on-site document retention in hospitals is wasted space. In high-traffic medical facilities, it's hard to justify squandering valuable floor space to store patient records for very occasional use. Transferring your medical files to a secure off-site facility (such as CAS Ltd) frees up storage capacity by outsourcing the curation and care of your files.

Ensuring that your records are safely organised and preserved elsewhere will also save you from paying for costly 'clean-ups' to renovate and recover your archives.

2) RFID Tracking, Individualised Boxes, And Fast Access

Our RFID tagging services offer medical customers advanced security for their high-security files and speedier retrieval times for checks, deposits, and viewings. RFID sorting and tracking has a proven 99.9% accuracy rate and is near-impossible to spoof or hack.

By attaching unique radio (RFID) tags to each storage box, file collections are individualised and marked. RFID barcodes allow our archivists to match your authorised requests to the correct box. Select file collections (e.g. timed blocks) are easier to keep separate and categorised with RFID division.

RFID also simplifies another part of the recovery process by providing a precise, real-time geographical location in the unlikely event of lost files. RFID helps ensure a smooth, secure transit if your boxes have to be moved or retrieved for any reason.

3) Record Digitisation, Scan-On-Demand, And Shredding

CAS is proud to offer block digitisation (bulk scanning) and our Scan-on-Demand service for all deposited medical paperwork. We can also provide assured, permanent destruction of any records, digital or paper, that are no longer required (or legal to keep).

Our detailed archive photography service and secure web access platform make it simpler and cheaper to retain high-quality, paperless digital records. Via remote login, clients can access a fully searchable, secured database linked to verified, recognised NHS metrics and ID measures (e.g. patient numbers) for cross-referencing.

CAS can also provide individual scans of files on request. Scan-on-Demand boasts a two-hour average turnaround time, delivering files to your inbox as you request them.

When it's time for your files to be permanently retired, we'll also use our irreversible data erasers and fine-grade shredders to ensure no trace remains. Document disposal you can trust means that your company will stay GDPR-compliant - avoiding fines, hacks, and penalties.

Medical Record Storage And Digitisation From CAS Ltd.

At CAS Ltd, we provide digital and physical record storage solutions for healthcare providers, NHS Trusts, hospitals, and GP Surgeries throughout the UK. Learn more about what our services could do for your practice.

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