Long-term document storage is a problem that more and more businesses are struggling to solve. With companies often required by law to retain important documentation for a fixed period, sometimes for years, and new documents piling up by the day, there’s a significant squeeze on space for on-site storage for paper files. Off-site storage, however, can pose a problem if documents need to be accessed quickly, as time delays in retrieving paperwork can interrupt workflow and cause delays. Even switching to digitised documents can be problematic if your business relies on a local server that offers limited storage capacity.

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Managed live file storage for digitised documents is becoming the go-to solution for businesses and, when you consider the benefits, it’s not hard to understand why:

Instant Access, From Anywhere At Any Time

With live file storage in the Cloud, your staff can access the files they need from any location and at any time. Integrated customised search tools help to track down documents in seconds, eradicating the time-consuming paper hunts of the past, while drag-and-drop functions make usability easy, irrespective of the user’s level of technical know-how.

Unlimited Storage Potential

Unlike local servers, which have a finite storage capacity, file storage in the Cloud utilises multiple servers in different locations. You needn’t worry about running out of space, and your live file storage is scalable, so you only pay for what you use.

A Secure Solution

The security of sensitive documents is paramount for business owners, as is the need to comply with data protection regulations. Live file storage offers robust safeguards against malicious data access and data loss disasters. Strict user authentication ensures that only those who are authorised to retrieve digital files can do so, while off-site storage protects data from accidental loss.

Improved Collaboration

Unlike paper documents, Cloud storage facilitates collaboration between teams, even if they’re located in different premises, regions, or even countries! Some Cloud platforms allow multiple employees to access the same versions of documents, to edit, share, and save these, and even to work on files collaboratively by using video conferencing software.


With live file storage, your business can also enjoy considerable cost savings. Instant access to files reduces the wasted hours spent locating paper documents, so your teams will work more productively, while the elimination of physical storage space means you can utilise your working environment more effectively, or even reduce the amount of space required.

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At CAS, we offer secure Cloud file storage for businesses of all types and sizes. With customised search criteria, your staff can quickly track down digital records from any location at any time of day, while secure user authentication means that unauthorised access doesn’t compromise the safety of your files.

To find out more about our cost-effective, flexible, and reliable live file solution, get in touch with CAS on 0845 50 50 003.

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