For many businesses, managing a large quantity of paperwork is a logistical nightmare. There is never enough space for storage, files frequently go missing, and nobody wants to be accountable for their security. As well as eliminating these issues, offsite document storage offers the following advantages to your organisation:

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1) Safeguards Your Data Effectively

Your business documents contain private, sensitive data that needs protecting. In contrast to self-storage, storing documents in a custom-built offsite facility provides unmatched protection from floods, fires and theft. All records are stored on high density pallet racks, complete with sophisticated technology that detects and suppresses fires. Security systems with multiple layers carry out surveillance internally and externally, while movement inside the building is restricted and recorded by access control technology. Rather than being allocated one area for storage, your paperwork is divided up and stored unmarked throughout the building - identifiable through barcodes only. Even if unauthorised people gain entry to the building, they will not be able to find documents belonging to your business.

2) Gives You More Room To Work

In all likelihood, your business premises currently has filing cabinets and boxes packed to the brim with documents. When you have to make room for new documents each day, it often means that you cram every shelf and corner available with paperwork. You can free up this vital space by storing most of your files offsite. Then, the rooms that were used to store these files can be used for more helpful purposes. If it is expensive to rent office space in your area, regaining this space will lower your overheads substantially. With offsite document storage, you are charged only for the quantity of boxes held at the storage facility, and - as your requirements change - amending your service level is easy.

3) Retrieve Important Documents Efficiently

Storing countless files on your premises typically results in confusion and disorganisation. The time you spend searching for particular documents could be spent more productively. UK workers waste more than one million hours each week looking for misfiled or mislabelled paperwork. When you store your documents in an offsite facility, every box is categorised, so records can be located easily and quickly when required.

4) Remain Legally Compliant

If you fail to keep track of which documents to destroy and which to keep within specific timeframes, your business could fall foul of the law and be sued. All records should be allocated a timeframe for retention and properly shredded on the appropriate date. With offsite document storage, you can streamline and remove the guesswork from this process. Professional records management staff classify your files to your specific needs, so your business complies with the relevant laws. An advanced document monitoring system ensures that each file is stored for the requisite time period, then immediately destroyed.

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Suffice to say, storing your documents offsite is more sensible than keeping them in your office. Offsite document storage puts your mind at ease because you know that your data is safe, correctly managed, and accessible. To learn more about offsite document storage, get in touch with CAS Ltd today.

Image source: Pixabay

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