Yes, and in this article we explain why. Traditionally, businesses have kept their records on their own premises. On-site storage has been the default for a long time, but in recent years there's been a shift towards maintaining records off-site. Companies like CAS Ltd have sprung up to offer high-security, high-efficiency storage that frees up space on your company site.



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Is It Secure?

SMEs are often concerned about premises security, and understandably so. Using a high quality secure off-site record storage service will maintain the highest levels of security. Look for a provider whose staff have all been DBS checked – not just those who handle documents, but site security personnel as well. Excellent facilities will offer features like 24/7 patrols, CCTV, and fully fenced and gated perimeters. Secure document transport is also provided.

What Are The Benefits?

There are several reasons for small businesses to use secure off-site storage, and you needn't be wary of making the move in partnership with a provider like CAS. The main advantages include:

  • Reduced storage – Moving your records off-site eliminates the need to take up space in your premises, allowing you to repurpose areas for other uses.
  • Enhanced security – With a total focus on keeping records safe, off-site providers can give a level of security well beyond what's usually possible on-site.
  • Improved compliance – Good off-site storage providers will offer compliance to UK and EU regulations such as GDPR as a matter of course. Look for full ICO accreditation as well.
  • Greater efficiency – You'll be able to access digitised and scanned live records fast, whenever you need them, rather than searching through storage boxes.
  • Disposal facilities – Documents will be kept as required by data retention standards, but thereafter they may need to be securely destroyed. CAS can do this in a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly way.
  • No unfair termination fees – Be careful of providers who provide "termination quotes" if you choose to cancel. These generally include several months of storage fees, which can artificially inflate the figure you are given.

Next Steps

Switching to secure off-site document storage for your records is a big step, especially if you've become used to on-site solutions. If you choose the right provider, though, you'll find that it's actually a safer option than keeping them held locally. For a free quote or to find out more, please give one of our service team a call today.


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