While retaining important documents containing highly confidential information is a major priority for many businesses, so too is the need to securely dispose of them when necessary. This is often not as simple as it might sound, especially if you want to ensure it's done correctly.

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Giving the responsibility to our data security specialists at CAS can go a long way to doing exactly that. But don't just take our word for it, here's some insight on how our confidential document disposal services are secure:

Secure Shredding

There are numerous benefits to be gained by taking advantage of our shredding facilities. First, it frees up your employees from responsibility for anything that could go wrong, which negates any worries regarding human error on your part. By leaving this process to us, you have peace of mind that the job will be handled carefully and professionally. All documents are carefully double shredded by us in accordance with legal data protection requirements, rendering them impossible to read afterwards - a key factor in safe disposal.


We give high priority to recycling and offer free secure recycle bins for this purpose, in which you can gather all un-needed documents in one place for it to be recycled accordingly. Recycling is a commitment to strive for better environmental safety, and it goes hand in hand with our core values.

If you have spare cardboard boxes or were perhaps using them to store your documents en masse, we can take those off your hands as well. Bulk cardboard recycling can take a lot of time and effort on your part, which is why we're happy to do it for you, with a guaranteed policy to recycle 100% of the boxes we receive.

Responding To Specific Needs

Not all businesses operate the same way, so a certain degree of flexibility is required when it comes to safe disposal. This can include a weekly collection of documents for secure shredding or one-off office clear outs, depending on what suits you. While willing to be flexible, our core commitments to safety and security remain unchanged.

Next Steps

Look no further than CAS for a trusted service with expertise in confidential document disposal safely and securely. You may be pleased to know we don't require a drawn-out contract signing process either. Let us take care of disposals in a timely manner so you can concentrate more fully on running other parts of your business.

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