Despite the easing of lockdown restrictions across the UK, most organisations have accepted that for the time being at least (and most probably for the longer term) remote working is going to remain a reality.

Employers and employees alike have experienced the benefits of working from home and are accepting that virtual working needs to remain in place.

For many organisations, one of the biggest challenges of enabling employees to work productively without access to the office has been the inability to provide access to hard copy files and documentation that are locked away in inaccessible premises. Paper trails are still very much a reality – especially when it comes to specific functions like finance, accounts and HR. Many businesses were yet to completely digitise their documentation when lockdowns were announced and as a result suffered severe disruption with remote staff unable to access the information they needed, when they needed it.

According to Forrester research commissioned by Adobe, 82% of organisations that are dedicated to only digital documents said their business will survive the pandemic. Conversely, organisations without digital processing are 10 times more likely to report at-risk customers and twice the at-risk revenue.

With most organisations ruling out a complete return to the office – there’s little doubt that digital document storage is going to be an absolute necessity going forward. The good news is, digital document storage is a very straightforward and secure process and there are flexible options to suit your organisation’s requirements.

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CAS provides comprehensive and secure digital document storage and facilities management services. For more than 25 years we have worked with NHS Trusts, financial services providers, and corporate and private clients. Our head office is just four miles from the City of London, supported by our advanced storage centres across the UK. Find out more about our services below:


1)Digital Document Storage

For organisations that want digital copies of their files, whilst retaining the original copies, CAS can collect your files and documents, digitally scan them and return them to your premises. We use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which recognises text and enables you to search lengthy digital documents by relevant words. Save all your important documents and records on the cloud in an ultra-secure, dedicated portal. CAS Cloud offers complete flexibility as to the number and type of documents, 24/7 access for authorised personnel only, swift digitisation of new files, and the help of a team of dedicated document management professionals. 


2) Document Storage And Records Management

For organisations looking to rationalise and repurpose office space due to new working models, the option to store files and folders off-site has great appeal. We provide safe, monitored storage facilities in strategic locations across the UK and can scan documents on arrival, providing access to them via your chosen cloud platform or our secure portal. CAS has been keeping clients’ documents safe and secure for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on providing a transparent, efficient and cost-effective archive storage service. CAS continually strive for the highest levels of security. Our storage facilities have gated perimeter fences, 24/7 security and advanced CCTV.


3) Document Scanning

CAS document scanning and digitisation service enables you to store the hard copies of your documents safely and securely off-site at our state-of-the-art storage facilities — and request a digital copy of each document as you need it. You don’t have to scan all your documents in one go to benefit from safe, secure archive storage and fast digital retrieval. With our scan-on-demand service, you can request a digital copy of any document you need, whenever you need it.


4) Shredding And Disposal

Whether you have documents that you are no longer required to hold, or you are moving to a system of digitised document archives, every organisation sometimes needs to get rid of confidential documents securely and safely. We provide both on-site and off-site document shredding facilities to meet your needs for secure document destruction, confidential shredding and cardboard recycling. There are no hidden costs and all our rates are very competitive. And you can combine this secure shredding service with all our other services such as document storage and archives document storage.


5) Facilities Management

Disposal of IT equipment and secure data destruction needn’t be a headache. CAS can help you find a more efficient and cost-effective way of dealing with secure computer disposal, from computer hard drives and magnetic tapes to PDAs and external storage devices. Most organisations have large quantities of highly sensitive data stored on their IT equipment. Keeping this information safe and secure once the equipment reaches the end of its life, or has become obsolete, can be a real worry.

To help you manage your costs, our services are based on an all-inclusive rate, which means there are never any hidden surprises in your bill. To speak to us about your digital scanning or archive storage requirements, get in touch today!


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