In a world ruled by privacy concerns, it is more important than ever for businesses to destroy confidential documents securely. Many companies hold a range of sensitive data, and - without an appropriate document disposal policy – staff records, customer details, and company files could fall into the hands of fraudsters. The majority of businesses lack the expertise to shred unwanted documents correctly. Therefore, to ensure that private data remains private, it is wise to enlist a document shredding company's services. Let's take a closer look at these companies and what to consider before hiring one.


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Issues With Electronic Data Destruction

Of course, in the twenty-first century, lots of confidential data is kept on digital devices. Typically, data breaches are associated with machines custom-built to store electronic information – like smartphones, PCs, and hard drives, etc. Nonetheless, other devices can pose a risk as well, and it is vital not to overlook this. These devices include flash drives, USB sticks, printer/photocopier memory cards, tablets, magnetic data tapes, optical media (such as Blu-ray and DVDs/CDs), and personal digital assistants.

UK businesses are legally obliged to meet the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) conditions, and the company you hire to destroy your data should operate in line with these terms. This legislation applies to most items that require batteries or have plugs, and will encompass all your telecoms and IT equipment. The secure data disposal and computer destruction services offered by CAS Ltd are compliant with the WEEE directive and all other data protection laws. Using sophisticated technology, your surplus hardware is cut into minuscule pieces so that no one can recover the data.

Destroying Paper Documents Securely

In all likelihood, there are many documents relating to your business that could prove damaging if a competitor managed to access them. This paperwork might include marketing strategies, expired contracts/tax forms, banking details, and proprietary data. The ramifications of customer data breaches can be severe, too.

Before choosing a document shredding service, you should know your obligations under the 2018 Data Protection Act (which incorporates the GDPR). Businesses that do not protect this sensitive data adequately can receive hefty fines from the Information Commissioner's Office. Undoubtedly, this would apply to cases where information had been compromised because of shoddy document disposal practices.

CAS Ltd provides off-site and on-site document destruction services to satisfy the requirements of all businesses. The company double shreds every document to make it unreadable, while adhering to all relevant data protection rules. Once shredded, the paper is transported to a secure, energy-efficient recycling facility in a low carbon vehicle.

Final Thoughts

These days, online data breaches from big corporations and public sector organisations are all too common. For this reason, the right to privacy has become a contentious political issue. To keep your business secure, you should protect it from offline threats as well. Contact CAS Ltd today and let us help you safeguard your business with our convenient shredding services.

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