Increasing digitisation may not be regarded as a universally positive aspect of the modern world, but when it comes to document storage and safety there are many advantages to be found by utilising it. Core among these is scan-on-demand, a service offered by CAS for superior responsive document handling. If this is the first time you're hearing about scan-on-demand, or you have any niggling doubts, here are four clear benefits to reassure you:


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1) Accuracy

By using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to scan barcodes and track documents, files can be located with pinpoint accuracy anywhere in the CAS warehouse within minutes. However great an employee might be, no one can be 100% accurate all of the time; scan-on-demand not only strives for that goal but is guaranteed to meet it.

2) Efficiency

As will be further highlighted, scan-on-demand goes a long way to achieving greater efficiency for you, ultimately saving both time and money. RFID helps give quick and accurate access to all documents and storing them off-site also frees up your on-site space to be used for far more productive business-related activities.

3) Security

By leaving a secure audit trail of everyone who’s requested or accessed a scanned document, our system aims to fully eliminate human error in relation to document handling and access. Unfortunately, the risk of unauthorised access or accidental loss accumulates over time no matter how competent and diligent your employees; we're all susceptible to odd mistakes in a way technology isn't.

It's best to take as many precautions as possible to prevent data leaks or breaches and our highly secure scanning system achieves this. The CAS warehouse is also fully tested for fireproofing with top accreditation, meaning both scanned digital versions and the original hard copies of your documents are secured with us until the moment you need them.

4) Timekeeping

One of the main drawbacks of getting your employees to manually search through documents is time. Off-site archived records may be located many miles from your place of work and, during lockdowns, employees may have restricted access. This makes access problematic and can cause delays in service delivery and Subject Access Requests. Thanks to scan-on-demand, records are guaranteed to be scanned and available within hours when you need them most.

A Better, More Efficient and More Secure Document Access Solution

Forget manually sifting through dusty files for days on end; this is best saved for classic detective movies. While less romantic, scan-on-demand achieves better results in a shorter time span. It has undoubtedly changed the way we securely store, access and dispose of confidential documents for good. To learn more about the benefits of scan-on-demand for your business, please get in touch today.


Image Source: Pixabay

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