Despite the mass shift to digital processes, many healthcare providers still use paper medical records. Accessing those records can be tricky if you are in a different location or the papers are in an off-site facility. Luckily, you can get access to digital copies of key records without scanning all the records in the storage facility. With scan-on-demand, you can request scanned copies of the records you need, as and when you need them. Let's look at the advantages of scan-on-demand for healthcare providers.


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What Is Scan-on-Demand?

When you store confidential documents at an off-site location, accessing them can be difficult. Nowadays, you can get a digital copy of the documents with a scan-on-demand service. When you request the document, the attendant on-site will scan the documents you need and send them to your device in PDF format. Alternatively, they can post it on your cloud, where you can access it using your credentials and share it with your colleagues. Scan-on-demand is an excellent option for large hospitals and medical practices with vast amounts of patient information held in paper archives. Since it is time consuming and expensive to scan all the documents in one sitting, scan-on-demand allows you to get only the documents you need while the rest remain secure in the storage facility.

What Are The Benefits Of Scan-On-Demand?

1) Security of Documents
Scan-on-demand service ensures you have a secondary backup if you lose the digital files. CAS off-site storage facilities are fire-proofed and weather-proofed to ensure your documents are safe. In addition, scan-on-demand services create an audit trail for file access and retrieval, making it easy to track data breaches, while using a highly secure scanning system guarantees data protection when digitising and during transfer. This protection prevents possible data leaks when sharing the document with the recipient.

2) Quick Turnaround Time
Storing paper documents in an off-site facility can make the physical retrieval process long and tedious. An employee must travel to the facility and search through volumes of documents, leading to delays in service delivery. However, with scan-on-demand, an attendant is always at the storage facility, and once you request a document, they will retrieve, scan and send it to your email or post it on the virtual library for easy access. The turnaround time is usually two hours.

3) Improved Efficiency and Lower Costs
The main challenge when storing paper documents is inaccurate labelling, leading to the misplacement of documents. To avoid this, CAS uses the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to barcode your documents, making them easy to track for scanning. Apart from improving efficiency in document storage, scan-on-demand lowers the cost associated with on-site storage facilities. As a result, you can save your storage space whilst enjoying access to the documents you need without incurring courier charges.

Next Steps

If you waste hours trying to retrieve documents from dusty boxes, you should consider storing your archived medical documents off-site. Using a scan-on-demand service option promotes accuracy in data retrieval, and the quick turnaround time is convenient for busy hospitals and healthcare providers. To discuss your requirements with one of our medical storage specialists, or to request a free quote, please give us a call today.

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