When the first national lockdown was imposed with little warning last March, many businesses were forced to work remotely with no chance to prepare. Covid-19 has been a steep learning curve: businesses quickly discovered that some tried-and-tested office filing systems, such as on-site document storage, pose practical problems for employees working remotely.

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The solution? Document digitisation and shredding from CAS. But how could this benefit your business?

Instant File Retrieval

Large volumes of paperwork can be a nightmare to process, with hours spent diligently filing documents in a systematic way. Every time a document is needed, yet more time is wasted retrieving the hard copy, while misplaced paperwork is also commonplace. Digitising documents makes finding, retrieving, and editing quick and simple. Because all documents are stored digitally in the Cloud, it’s impossible to lose them, and viewing them from remote locations is easy.


Improved Data Security


Compliance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR is a priority for businesses, with heavy penalties to pay for failure to safeguard customers’ information. Digitising documents can be more secure than maintaining hard copies: access can be restricted according to employees’ roles or status and a permanent record of document access discourages security breaches.

Digital records can also be backed up to off-site locations so, in the event of a data loss, files can be restored quickly. Should the worst happen, your customers’ sensitive data is protected and there will be no interruption to your business operations.


Focused Collaboration


Storing documents on-site often means that your team needs to be physically together to work on a task or project. If different teams, who are based on different floors or buildings, need access to the same paperwork, it must be transferred manually, wasting precious time.

Digital documents improve collaboration by ensuring that employees from across your business can retrieve the files they need instantly, from any location. Productivity and efficiency soar, so project deadlines are more likely to be met earlier.


More Space, Less Clutter


Finally, eradicating paper files by converting them to digital format can only improve the workplace environment. Rows upon rows of filing cabinets or document boxes are no longer required, reducing clutter and creating a spacious, more relaxed workplace. Productivity, collaboration, and personal wellbeing will all improve.

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At CAS, we offer confidential and compliant document shredding services that will destroy paper records, making it impossible for them to be read. Whether you’re digitising your paperwork or simply disposing of old documents, shredding is the most effective way to destroy them.

We double-shred unwanted paperwork in accordance with strict data protection legislation to make sure that sensitive data cannot be recovered. The shredded paper is then recycled in line with environmental standards. We can also digitise your documents prior to shredding to provide you with a permanent record of importance. To find out more about our document archiving and shredding services, please get in touch.

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