The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require most UK businesses to store documents for over half-a-decade. As a result, costly office space can become cluttered over time. An offsite document storage service can declutter your working environment significantly. Also, it can shoulder the responsibility of document management and offer peace-of-mind and security. A provider will sort your paperwork into archive boxes and then move these to a secure warehouse custom-designed to store documents. At the warehouse, each box is shelved using an efficient filing system to facilitate fast document access.


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Document Storage Costs Can Vary Based On The Following Things:

- The number of boxed documents you wish to store
- The firm you hire to deliver the service
- How frequently you need to access the documents
- Whether you require any extra services, like document shredding or digital scanning

Typically, document storage firms charge a per-box fee, so the total cost will reflect the number of boxed documents you need to store. The box-type can affect the price as well. Some of the different types of storage boxes are listed below:

-Lever Arch Boxes: 320 x 390 x 290 mm
-Bankers Boxes: 340 x 390 x 255 mm
-Printout Boxes: 370 x 450 x 255 mm
-Regular Storage Boxes: 265 x 370 x 255 mm

CAS offers a range of custom-made boxes for storing medical records. These are ideal for GP practices. Although some firms require a minimum storage period of a year, many offer monthly options too. This allows you more leeway because you do not have to commit to an extended contract - even if you end up storing documents for several years. The cost of monthly document storage can range from twenty pence to more than one pound per box.

Extra Fees For Storing Documents

The storage firm you use should offer a service to retrieve documents. This enables quick access to your records if necessary. The cost of this service tends to be determined by how fast you need the documents. Often, a same day, next day, or out-of-hours fee is applied. If you require a couple of files, rather than a whole box, the firm should retrieve this paperwork, too, although the cost could be as much or more than whole-box retrieval. Many firms provide an email or fax service to give you almost instant access to your documents in digital format. This eliminates the delays of postal deliveries.

Archived Documents

Numerous service providers allow you to store documents that do not have to be regularly accessed for several years at-a-time. This is called ‘archive storage’ or ‘deep storage’. The low maintenance nature of this service means that it costs notably less than other document storage options.

Next Steps

At CAS Ltd, we serve clients in the private and public sectors alike, so we appreciate the issues they face when storing documents – especially documents they are legally obliged to retain. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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