If you are thinking about offsite document storage, and wondering what the benefits are, then this blog post is for you.

As well as saving you money, storing documents offsite will increase the productivity of your staff, keep your confidential files safe, and prevent health and safety hazards before they happen.


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1.        Confidentiality – make sure your files are safe

Do you store confidential documents onsite? How do you know if they are safe? Unless, you have the state of art technology that an offsite storage facility like CAS Ltd has, I’m afraid you will never know if they are truly safe. We have gated secure premises, fireproof warehouses and 24/7 CCTV cameras to prevent against intruders. We use the latest technology to ensure total peace of mind for all our clients’ document storage and data.
In addition, all of our staff are CRB checked and sign confidentiality agreements.
Storing your documents offsite will give you 100% peace of mind that your documents and confidential data are truly safe and truly secure.


2.        Safety first – make sure your staff are safe

Are their document storage boxes dotted around your office?
According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) a slip or trip is the single most common cause of injuries at work. These injuries cost employers over £512 million a year in the UK every year with lost production and other related costs.  (Source – see link above).
If your storage boxes are dotted around the office there are potential hazards for your staff and potential unnecessary costs waiting for you. Also, back injuries through lifting heavy boxes also account for loss productivity and sickness.
In addition, other areas of onsite storing can be unsafe. Did you know that most loft areas do not comply with health and safety weight restrictions? Many of our clients had damaged loft floor boards due to excess in weight in storage, and we have been able to help just in time. (Literally, just before the boxes fell through the roof!).


Offsite document storage will help keep you office space hazard free and keep your staff safe and productive.


3.        Organisation will save you money

If you store your documents onsite, are they well organised? Or do your staff waste hours and hours trying to locate documents. (If this does happen, you are not alone). Bad organisation can cost you a small fortune in lost productivity.
If you store your documents offsite, each box you send us will be given a specific code and will remain in the same place for the rest of its life in storage. This system along with our state of the art tracking devices, means it only takes us seconds to locate a box for you, and if you are on our all inclusive package, we will deliver the box to you for free the same day.
We can also send back any documents you need via a secure FTP scanning service. This means you can have your documents back within a few hours.
Storing your documents offsite will enable us to organise your files for you, so you won’t need to worry about lost productivity due to lost files, or lack of access due to bad organisation.


 4.       The FSA prefers you to store your records offsite

It’s worth noting that the FSA (Financial Services Association) have said that they prefer companies to store offsite. This way they know that your clients’ files and data will be safe, secure and confidentiality will not be compromised.
If you have an audit coming up, and your document storage system is lacking in organisation or there are safety risks, it might be worth you speaking to us in advance of your audit! We have helped many of our clients last minute before audits. Remember, you can store as little as one box with us- we are here to help you.


5.        Free up your floor space

 For increased productivity, it’s important for you and your staff to work in a well organised, clutter free environment. If you have document storage onsite it’s better that it’s either in a separate room away from the working environment or if it is in the same office it does not clutter up the communal areas.
Many of our clients decide to store their documents with us as they simply want to free up space for desks, office equipment and just to de-clutter their working environments.
As there is no minimum amount of boxes you can store with us, many SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise) begin their document storage relationship with us with only one box! This is more than okay with us. We are here to meet your needs!

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