Digital Document Storage & Scanning

CAS are experts at digital document storage, transporting and managing sensitive documentation.

Digital Document Storage
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Are You Suffering From The Following?

  • High storage costs

  • Slow and inaccurate retrieval of information

  • Paper records that are disintegrating before your eyes

  • Too much space taken up by old files

  • High administration cost - both time and money

  • Concerns about the security of your data

CAS Digital Document Storage & Scanning

  • Electronic storage - saving you time and space

  • Clear indexing of records

  • Easy retrieval at the click of a button

  • Clean non - degradable images

  • Enhanced security with password protection

  • Retrieval has never been easier or quicker

With our Digital Storage options, you get these benefits for a low cost per scanned image.

CAS offer the latest in digital scanning software. It offers the simplest, least time-sensitive means of storage available. Documents become easier to store, easier to index, and easier to read. The images are all automatically cleaned and straightened, and document enhancements are performed in real-time so there is never a need for re-scanning.

Every document you could need becomes available at the touch of a button.

International accreditations

    • ISO 15489 Information and Documentation – Records Management. This demonstrates that we have achieved all the requirements for the Records Management Industry, and appropriate attention and protection is given to the processing and management of document and file storage.
    • ISO 9001 Quality Management. The world’s most recognised quality management standard demonstrates that our systems have achieved the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.
    • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Technology, Security Techniques and Information Security Management. This ISO reassures you that we are compliant with every International regulation on surveillance, security and staff confidentiality.


Free Digital Document Storage Review

We offer a free Document Storage review which will analyse your existing Document Storage costs and give you a comprehensive breakdown of potential savings to be made when you use CAS.


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If you would like further information on our medical document storage service then please contact us today on 0845 505 0003 or email us All of our documents are stored according to ISO standards.