Our latest ‘Spotlight on’ blog focuses on Peterborough. The city has a crucial location in eastern England. Its designation as a ‘New Town’ in the 1960s, and further population growth more recently, has boosted the local economy. We’re going to take a closer look at how CAS can help businesses and other local organisations to control their costs.


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Peterborough’s place on the map

Peterborough is a cathedral city in Cambridgeshire. As a ‘New Town’, it housed London’s overspill population in new clusters surrounding the existing urban area. Its population grew by over 45% by the 1980s, as service-sector companies replaced manufacturing as the main source of employment. The population has continued to grow in the twenty-first century, with new housing developments. There were some 197,000 local residents in the city and non-metropolitan district by 2016.

The city is well-connected to national transport infrastructure. The A1(M) trunk road offers a direct road link to London (75 miles away). This vital arterial road stretches north as far as Edinburgh. Cross-country roads link the city to the East and West Midlands. Peterborough’s railway station is on the East Coast Main Line. Great Northern and Virgin Trains East Coast offer services from London King’s Cross, while the city enjoys extensive cross-country rail services. In terms of airports, Peterborough is equidistant between London Luton and East Midlands (both 48 miles away), and is also 50 miles from London Stansted.

Local economic growth and population influx supports business

Peterborough’s economy has grown successfully in recent years, and it continues to attract investment as an engine of growth. Due in part to a regeneration plan, the city experienced an economic boom compared to the rest of the country in the early 2000s. This led to an increase in businesses located in Peterborough; by 2016, there were over 14,200 companies in the city.

Peterborough has the UK’s largest cluster of businesses in the environmental goods and services sector. It has also become a distribution centre for a number of organisations, given its position in the UK’s transport infrastructure. The population is very economically active, with unemployment at 4.5% in March 2017 (against the 4.7% UK average).

Offsite document storage and hosted virtual storage: CAS reduces rent costs

Rents on high-quality office space have been rising in Peterborough in recent years, and are forecast to continue to do so. By using CAS’s offsite secure document storage services, organisations can reduce their rent bills without compromising on security or accessibility. CAS is also a market leader in digitising documents, reducing the need for paper versions. This chimes with Peterborough’s designation as one of four environment cities in the UK.

Ever more organisations based in the city are moving towards equipping staff to work remotely. CAS’s services can facilitate this, including scanning on demand, and live file storage for frequently used documents storage. For a more comprehensive hosted document management system, we also have our proprietary CAS-Cloud service. The system runs on a bespoke array of high-grade servers at our HQ, and allows access to documents remotely using customisable search criteria. Any activity performed on documents stored in CAS-Cloud or live file storage is recorded and stored for the material’s life. This comprehensive audit trail helps you to meet all your compliance requirements.

Medical records storage for Peterborough healthcare providers

We are specialists in medical records storage. We understand the standards which the Care Quality Commission (CQC) sets for health-sector organisations, so if you take advantage of our services you’ll be able to meet all your obligations with ease. If you choose to digitise your medical records with CAS, we’re able to offer constant access to files via CAS-Cloud, while maintaining your paper records securely at our state-of-the art warehouse facilities.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is one of the biggest clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in the UK with 108 GP practices, over 800 GPs and a budget of £854 million in 2013/14. Two local commissioning groups are located within the unitary authority area of Peterborough, which together have over 240,000 registered patients at GP practices. You can read our case study on our work with the Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust.

Financial-sector businesses and law firms: specialist secure document storage

With our extensive experience in financial records storage, we understand the regulations set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As a result, we can provide Peterborough’s financial service providers with tailor-made document storage and facilities management services. You’ll comply fully with all regulations, from UK and EU data protection requirements, through to the US’s Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). And thanks to RFID tracking, all interactions with your records are covered by audit reports for every stored box of documents.

We also know the importance of records storage for law firms. We are uniquely placed to offer a full range of secure document storage for all law firms based in Peterborough of whatever size. We provide the highest level of security and confidentiality for all your off-site legal records storage. As a result, we can help your law firm meet your obligations under the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Code of Conduct.

Taking data protection seriously

One further trend to be aware of is the Europe-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect from May 2018. CAS is able to help organisations in Peterborough to meet these requirements. For instance, under the GDPR individuals have an enhanced ‘right to be forgotten’. This means organisations which hold personal data on clients, customers and employees must remove such records when asked to do so. Our range of services including document shredding and disposal of IT equipment can provide support in this area.

For organisations based in Peterborough and beyond, contact CAS today to get a free quote or to find out more about any of our services.

About CAS document storage and management

CAS provides comprehensive and secure document storage and management, scan on demand, and facilities management services. For more than 20 years CAS have worked with NHS Trusts, Financial Services providers, and corporate and private clients. Our head office is just four miles from the City of London, supported by our advanced storage centres across the UK. CAS has an impressive array of International certifications (ISOs), which prove our compliance with the strictest national, European and international laws. They also demonstrate our commitment to provide innovative systems on security, confidentiality and quality control in keeping your files safe and well managed.

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Main image: Cathedral Square, The Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership

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