CAS document scanning and digitisation service enables you to store the hard copies of your documents safely and securely off-site at our state-of-the-art storage facilities — and request a digital copy of each document as you need it. You don’t have to scan all your documents in one go to benefit from safe, secure archive storage and fast digital retrieval. With our scan-on-demand service you can request a digital copy of any document you need, whenever you need it.

The benefits of our scan-on-demand and archive scanning services include:

On-Demand Scanning – Enjoying ‘on demand’ access to a digital copy of the documents you need, when you need them – there’s no need to pay to scan documents that you might never need to see digitally.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Ensuring that your files can be pinpointed wherever they are in our warehouse thanks to our state of the art RFID barcoding and document tracking system, so that they are easy to access and scan as the need arises.


Knowing that all your documents are being stored in high security, fire-proofed warehousing by a company with industry-leading accreditation, whether you need digital or hard copies of the documents.

Fast Access

Getting fast access to a digital version of your document with our express service, which guarantees a two-hour turnaround time, should you need to view a document urgently.

Cost Savings

Lowering your costs compared to on-site document storage, as you free up valuable office space, while gaining easy access to digital copies of the documents you need.

How Scan-on-demand works

Every organisation has some documents which it needs to keep in order to comply with regulations, but which nobody needs to view regularly in a digital format. You can make cost-effective use of your archived documents by choosing scanning on demand, and having us scan only those documents that you will actually need. For all other documents, which you might only need to call up as hard copies on rare occasions, you can benefit from CAS archive storage.

Once you have indicated that you need a digital copy of a file, it is prepared for scanning by our experienced document management professionals. They remove extraneous items such as paper clips and staples, and individually scan each page including any additional items such as added notes and post-its. After they are scanned, the files are coded and the digital record added to your virtual record library. The original records are then returned to their storage box.

Did you know? CAS offer a wide range of robust document storage boxes, Lloyd George medical records boxes and document storage bags.

Whichever of our warehouses your files are stored in, and wherever you are in the world, you can access the scan-on-demand document you’ve requested digitally, either via our secure CAS-Cloud or by having it sent straight to your email inbox. When the situation demands it, you can also benefit from fast access to your documents with our express service, where we guarantee a two-hour turnaround time for urgent requests. Find out more about CAS-Cloud.

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How scan-on-demand can help your particular business

NHS Trusts – not all patient records will be needed on a ‘live file’ basis. With scan-on-demand, NHS Trusts can determine which documents are in constant use and need to be retrieved, updated and returned digitally, against those documents which are not required 24/7. CAS is an ISO certified provider and is fully approved to handle NHS records. Find out how CAS helped Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust to undertake a project to relocate and digitise over 20,000 confidential client health care files. Read More >

Small and medium-sized enterprises – when office space is tight, or expensive; as it invariably is particularly in London, why not see how you can benefit from archive scanning services. The scan-on-demand service will be a cost-effective way for your business to have access to those documents which you need to see digitally, while keeping secure all the hard copies which your business needs.

Financial services providers – some of your customer records will need to be shared in digital format. By scanning on demand, financial service providers can respond flexibly to requests for information as they arise. CAS is fully certified to handle all FCA records.