Mountains of files and no time to organise them?

Our cataloguing service may be the answer.


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Having files disorganised in your office (or home) can be a permanently unchecked item on your to do list. It is one of those very annoying and time consuming tasks that easily gets neglected. However if you delay it for months or even years, it can cause a lot of hassle and unnecessary stress. Having your files organised and safely stored in an offsite document storage facility is far better for not only the security and confidentiality of your documents, but also for your peace of mind.
Many of our clients, before they found us, would store files onsite. Often in unused offices, attics, cellars and even barns. The files would often be disorganised, sometimes mouldy, and on a few occasions we found animal skeletons in amongst the boxes!
We always ask our clients why it had taken then so long to contact us for help and to put their files into secure document storage. Many would say they just hadn’t got around to organising the files and didn’t feel they could call us until they had got them into some kind of order.


Cataloguing service


Cataloguing with your needs in mind

With this common scenario in mind, we launched our cataloguing service at the beginning of 2012. We have recruited specialist organisational consultants who are able to methodically, professionally and efficiently organise and catalogue large (or small!) volumes of documents and files.
We quote on the volume of documents you need cataloguing and our prices are very competitive.
If you want to de-clutter and get your files organised, (and we highly recommend you do, read the 5 golden reasons to store your documents offsite) please get in touch.


Our number is 0845 50 50 003 and we are happy to talk to you about any of our document storage services.

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