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As the digital era in which we live continues to evolve, more businesses are learning the benefits of document scanning. Not only does scanning increase productivity by giving you virtual access to any given document at any given moment, it also reduces the amount of space you would ordinarily need to store them. No matter what business you are in, document scanning just may be the answer to your filing needs. Digital document scanning turns your space consuming filing system into readily available and editable digital information.

There are a number of key benefits to document scanning and CAS can help make the whole process streamlined and stress-free. Let us help you increase efficiency, free up work-space and enjoy quick, easy digital access to your documents. 

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Digital document scanning is also a healthier option than conventional filing systems. When you scan and store your documents off-site, you are eliminating the collection of dust and other allergens that an ordinary paper filing system is likely to attract. Share information without the likelihood of sharing colds!

If having access to the original documents is a concern – it needn’t be. In the event that you may need the actual ‘hard copy’ of the file, it can be in your hands within two hours of requesting it.

CAS has been providing top of the line archiving and document scanning services for over twenty years. Whether your business is financial, medical or legal, you can rest assured that we will keep your documents - both hard and digital copies - safe.

Operating at the best practice levels in the document scanning industry (BIP0008 compliant) from our state of the art facilities and locations across the UK, our services are among the highest rated in the industry.

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