At this time of the year, many people are getting out of their offices to go on summer holidays. This year, in particular, it’ll be a great relief if you’ve been stuck in a stuffy building throughout the heatwave. But what happens when you get back? For many organisations, the quieter summer period can be an excellent opportunity to take stock of their office requirements. You can decide how much office space you need, and ensure that your premises meets all your requirements. If you decide to expand your facilities or move to a new location, CAS will manage your removals. And ensure the process is stress-free.


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CAS will manage your removals professionally

Our experienced team of removal specialists will listen to your exact needs and plan the perfect move. We work with our office and commercial clients to identify the critical stages and finest details of the project. The initial scoping will include such elements as selecting the right boxes and crates, and we’ll produce an inventory of furniture, IT equipment, and filing boxes. We’ll manage the packing and labelling of all items. And we’ll deliver everything safely to your new location, taking care of parking and access logistics. Deliveries can be made on the same day, or packed trucks can be safely parked overnight at one of our secure storage facilities. We’ll even unpack if you need us to.

A clear point of contact is vital for a project as important as an office relocation. That’s why an experienced supervisor, the ‘move manager,’ will be in charge of all CAS removal personnel at all times. Our move manager attends any necessary site meetings and will be on site during the actual move. They ensure that our staff carries out their relocation work quickly and efficiently. They will oversee all the office removal logistics for you, under your direction.

Safety and security is of critical concern

The safety of the premises and staff can be compromised during office reorganisations and office removals. That’s simply not a problem when we’re in charge of your move. CAS can provide full maintenance, testing and inspection of all equipment on-site. We always ensure that all move staff have appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) and that the process is safe for your staff and customers if they are on-site during any stage of packing, removals and re-installation. Meanwhile, on-site security is enhanced by all CAS employees undergoing security vetting, and wearing uniforms and identity passes.

To ensure security en route to your new premises, our vehicles have ‘Utrac Smart’ GPS vehicle-tracking devices. So we can pinpoint the exact location of your boxes, equipment and furniture at any time. Loaded vehicles can be parked overnight at our secure storage facilities. The facility has gated perimeter fences, 24/7 security patrols and advanced CCTV. Anyone entering the facility must provide identification to our gate staff. Only authorised personnel will be admitted. To eliminate the risk of accidents, we have environmental controls and advanced fire protection systems throughout.

A full range of services for office removals logistics

For many organisations, an office move is the opportunity to review all their filing and to get rid of superfluous paperwork. As a result, many of our clients who use CAS for their office move also take advantage of our document shredding services and data disposal on obsolete or unwanted IT equipment. And if your organisation is moving to smaller premises, we can take care of your document storage or scanning-on-demand needs.

Our other office logistics services include receiving new furniture and equipment. CAS will manage your removals but can also receive, move and deliver new office furniture on your behalf. We unpack, check, store, transport and install during out-of-office hours. On the other hand, if you want to move offices yourself, we can provide sturdy and stackable crates which are perfect for the task. We’re also on-hand to offer advice about any aspect of the move.

Our team are committed to providing all of our clients with a stress-free office relocation service. No job is too large or small, and we guarantee a friendly and professional service at all times. Whichever office relocation service you choose, we’ll help you to reduce interruptions for your team so that your fresh new office can be up and running quickly.

If you’re thinking of a new office CAS will manage your removals. Please contact our specialist team on 0845 50 50 003 for a free, no-obligation quote

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