COVID-19 Business Statement

Please be assured CAS Ltd is closely monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus situation and the business is regularly updating staff on the situation and on necessary precautions to take.

As a responsible business; internal arrangements have already been executed i.e. increased awareness, promotion of good hygiene practices, posters, distribution of hand sanitisers etc. These are all measures we have taken within the workplace (as you would for any other illness such as the common cold and flu etc.).

Outside of these arrangements we will adhere and react in accordance with COVID-19: guidance for employers and businesses – GOV.UK.

CAS Ltd have discussed our business operations with the Heath Protection Team who have affirmed that no additional precautions are necessary at this time.

CAS Ltd will take the appropriate actions to continue providing our employees a safe and healthy working environment whilst constantly evaluating the situation and monitoring any potential knock on effects to our service.

We realise this situation remains very dynamic as information continues to change day-to-day. We will of course keep you updated as the situation evolves.


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