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Legal Records Storage

In the face of legal system budget cuts, CAS Ltd can help lighten the administrative burden of legal records storage.

In national efforts to achieve a society free of crime and the threat of danger, the smooth operation and administration of the legal justice system is integral to any progress.

The correct administrative handling of information ensures that laws are maintained, their existence is effectively communicated across society and offenders are addressed and punished accordingly.

After a 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review was undertaken, plans made for a budget reduction of 27% in real terms across the Crown Prosecution Service by 2014/2015 were put into motion. Across deep cuts to legal teams, the CPS lost 23% of its barristers, 22% of solicitors, 27% of higher court advocates and 43% of staff employed to organise witnesses. A rise in the number of mistrials based on inefficiency was inevitable.

The news has left many officials in the justice system concerned about the state’s performance in criminal proceedings, with a smaller pool of legal authorities being burdened with more responsibilities. In an area of such intense scrutiny, debate and technical detail, the slightest error can negate a wealth of diligent preparation, allowing lawbreakers to escape justice.

In this precarious predicament, the effective management and storage of lawful documents is essential to avoiding simple mistakes that might invite severe consequences later. At CAS Clarks, we provide secure storage support for all legal officials, helping them maintain the rigorous disciplines and practices of their profession.

As a company registered with the Information Commissioner’s Officer (ICO), we fully comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998. All documents received for storage are handled in the strictest confidence at all times. Our employees have been CRB and Police background checked, signed confidentiality agreements and are committed to designing a storage solution suited to your requirements.

Our facilities are on a secure gated site, equipped with CCTV and a 24/7 secure recording and monitoring service, with digital footage safely backed up offsite for added protection.

As the purse strings tighten on resources within the judicial system, let us help you manage the legal duties that help defend our society from criminal activity.

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