Legal documents storage London Legal documents storage in London has never been simpler or safer.

You might think that finding secure legal documents storage in London would be an easy task. If that were true, you probably wouldn't be reading this right now! As you have probably learned from experience, there’s rarely enough space to keep every file at your fingertips. It’s likely that you have also discovered that there are very few viable options for legal document storage that are able to meet your specific requirements.


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It’s no wonder why finding legal document storage in London can be troublesome when you consider that many of the world's top companies either have offices or do business within London. Since London is widely considered a leader in the world of international law - London’s attraction as a legal centre for international disputes has been seized on by the UK government and promoted heavily abroad - it is no surprise that more than 60% of barristers and 45% of solicitors in the UK, are purported to operate within London, as well as 25% of all private practices. That being the case, it is highly likely that finding an appropriate location and company for storing your legal documents could be a challenge.

Finding a storage solution that recognises the importance of security, and is totally geared towards the efficient organisation of your sensitive legal documents, is paramount to running a successful legal practice. At CAS we understand that. We also understand how important it is for you to have the files you need, back at your fingertips within a reasonable time of requesting them.

To make the storage process as simple as possible, we offer complimentary retrieval and delivery of your documents. From the moment they leave your possession your documents are tracked, using a bar coding system capable of pinpointing their exact location within our storage facility.

At CAS Clarks we don’t just comply with strict EU and UK regulations we have document storage industry leading accreditation to the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 9001, Quality Management
  • ISO 14001, Environmental management
  • ISO 15489, Information and documentation – Records management
  • ISO 27001, Information technology, Security techniques and Information security management

If you’re looking for legal documents storage in London why not give us a call on 0845 50 50 003.

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