Financial records storage Effective financial records storage is important for the smooth running of any business or organisation.

Recent developments in online technology show the role security has to play when it comes to financial records storage.

In recent months, the Bitcoin phenomenon has been getting plenty of mainstream media  attention. Bitcoins are a new, limited virtual currency and peer-to-peer electronic payment network. Government bodies (including U.S. Congress) and businesses (like Virgin Galactic) worldwide are accepting the system as a viable alternative to currency, which has endorsed Bitcoin’s legitimacy. With new exchange companies converting Bitcoins into traditional money, these factors have inflated the digital symbol’s value. Today, a single Bitcoin is valued at £735 per coin.

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So why are people investing in this system? Bitcoin’s unique selling points are anonymity and security. In digital form, the tokens can be stored remotely or online in a way that makes reserves harder to access than some bank accounts. The lack of a paper trail leaves owners less susceptible to fraud and the event of a theft, each Bitcoin is uniquely identifiable by a code solely disclosed to the owner. This creates avenues for tracking the stolen digital crypto-currency and freezing any purchases.

At CAS Ltd, we continually strive for the highest levels of security with our secure document storage service and are proud of our record in delivering secure, easy to access financial records storage. Our files, like Bitcoins, are uniquely identified, being individually bar-coded to record their exact location in our safe, secure warehousing. Ease of access isn’t compromised either – CAS Clarks clients have the option to view their material securely online. We take our commitment to keeping  clients documents safe and secure very seriously – our ISO27001 accreditation (Information technology security techniques and information security management)  is testimony to this. With us your sensitive and confidential records are in very safe hands.

These comprehensive measures for safely storing clients’ private data combine anonymity, security and accessibility. We enjoy an excellent working relationship with high-profile clients in this area and take great pride in providing safe, secure storage systems for their financial records.

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