Effective Document storage Employees in the financial services waste £2.1bn looking for lost documents and information

Have you ever spent a frustrating amount of time searching for one measly document? Can’t quite remember which folder, box or server you stored it in? It’s a common problem in the office environment, one that the EDM Group recently measured in the UK’s financial services sector.


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A staggering £40 million a week (£2.1 billion per year) of employee salary in the Financial Services Sector is wasted on searching for ever-elusive information. Across all industries, these figures mount up to an astounding £557 million a week (£29 billion per year) on squandered time and resources. These losses will only continue to grow with the rapid output of information in the modern age. The equivalent of 1.8% of the country’s GDP, there is no doubt this capital could be better used elsewhere as the UK attempts to pull itself out of the global recession. If only businesses could store their physical and digital information efficiently and safely. That’s where CAS Ltd can help …

Saving its clients effort, money and time, CAS Ltd protects and preserves archived data so your business can run efficiently without having to worry about looking after, and searching for, valuable records. Our cataloguing service is designed to accommodate the demands of all business types whether your company wishes to keeps its information on or off-site. Our measures protect your information in the short term, keeping it easy to find and access whilst accommodating the need for secure audit trails in the future. These facilities can also comply with any existing filing systems your business might have in place.

CAS Ltd have over two decades of experience in document storage, and are well placed to help you streamline your archiving saving you time, money, effort and valuable floor space.

Let us help you improve productivity and avoid unnecessary ‘lost time’ (1.6 hours a week!) that employees can waste looking for documents and information they have misplaced or lost at work. Save time and money with effective document storage from CAS Ltd.

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