document storage in London Document Storage in London

Finding high quality document storage in London could be seen as being difficult. Finding a storage solution that offers quick and easy access could seem almost impossible!

Perhaps this is not surprising given that, depending on how it’s measured, London has the 3rd, 4th or 5th largest urban economy in the world with an estimated GDP of $761 billion – larger than that of a number of European countries including Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland!

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As the largest capital city in Europe and a busy, bustling focus for both business and people, space and time are at a premium. However, finding high quality, easy to access document storage in London is not as difficult as might be anticipated.

CAS facilities have been designed to allow maximum flexibility and access to stored material for customers across the UK – including businesses and organisations in London. Our retrieval and collection service has been proved and tested over many years, but where we differ from others is that we are always willing to listen to our clients and adjust our service to suit their evolving needs. We think this is why our customers in London see us as such an attractive solution for storing their documents.

With the services and benefits that we offer, we make document storage in London simple giving our clients quick, easy access to their documents:

  • Same day collection or retrieval service
  • 2 hour collection or retrieval covering the whole of London
  • Brand new high security fire proofed warehousing
  • State of the art bar-coding systems
  • Track and trace box monitoring service for collections and deliveries

We take pride in providing a transparent, efficient, cost effective service to all of our clients - including those who need high quality document storage in London. After all London is the home to many of the major sources of information in the UK – including the National Archives which holds more than a thousand years of history.

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