Storage boxes that didn’t do their job, and an archive storage system which didn’t keep files safe and dry.

It’s okay though, we came to the rescue!

You may remember our Autumn competition. National Accident Repair were our lucky winners and we have now catalogued, organised and rescued their files for free. These damp, damaged storage boxes are the remnants of the cataloguing process and we took great pleasure in putting them in our recycling bins. Good riddance!

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We have now stored the files in our range of triple strength archive storage boxes and you will be happy to hear that they are now organised, archived correctly and the important documents are safe and dry. (If documents could speak, they’d tell you how happy they are).

We are now working with National Accident Repair to work on their options in order to keep their archive storage safe, organised and compliant.

If you need advice, just give us a call on 0845 50 50 003.

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