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This is an old saying which never grows old. Why? Because it's true. If you spend very little money on low quality products… you get low quality. And sooner rather than later, you will have to replace the low quality product, so ironically in the long run you end up spending more.


With document storage boxes, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

We are offering you a discount on our premium high quality storage boxes which we know won't let you down. We are so convinced of the high quality of our boxes, we guarantee the life of the box to all our customers.


Some features of our document storage box that will easily convince you:

Document Storage Box


 Triple walled, triple strength

Cheap, budget boxes are only single walled. This means they do not the have strength to hold the weight of the boxes inside. As our boxes are tripled walled, this means they have triple the strength, and they last up to 10 times longer. They won’t buckle when you pick them up and they won’t break.


 Ergonomically designed handle

The handles on our document storage boxes are not flimsy. They have a special flap inside the box and they create a solid handle. This means they do not tear. It’s a common and annoying site to see budget document storage boxes ripped at the handles. A ripped handle means it will be a lot harder to pick up and could cause a health and safety risk. (As well as being very annoying!).


 Easy to stack

As our boxes are designed with only one purpose in mind – to store documents. We therefore knew they needed to be strong enough for them to stack easily. Unfortunately many budget boxes will crush under the weight of another document box- ours on the other hand, will not.


 Health and safety

It’s shocking how much money businesses lose every year due to ill-judged lifting and carrying in the workplace. A member of staff should not be lifting boxes that are heavier than 15 kilos. All of our boxes have this health and safety warning clearly displayed on the side of the box. It’s a handy reminder to all members of staff not to pick up heavy boxes, unfortunately CAS boxes are the only document storage boxes which have this reminder.


 And finally, the discount...


Our special offer for you


Many of our clients order in excess of 500 boxes every year in order the meet their onsite, and offsite document storage needs. In response we are offering a special offer of a 30% discount on an order of 500 boxes or more.


In addition, we will deliver them for FREE, at your convenience, as and when you are ready for them.


If you have any questions about our document storage services or our document storage boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 50 50 003.


We will be very happy to take your call, and help you save money and meet your document storage needs.

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