confidential document shreddingConfidential Document Shredding

Document shredding is seen as a secure, confidential way of disposing of sensitive information.

When carried out properly, by accredited document shredding experts, document shredding is a guaranteed means of making sure that confidential documents cannot be read again.

However, when document shredding isn’t properly implemented, security and


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confidentiality can be compromised. Earlier this year the BBC reported on ‘Ukraine's paper-shredding activists’ . This group of volunteers painstakingly pieced together shredded documents in the hope of uncovering corruption under the leadership of Ukraine's ousted president, Victor Yanukovych. Using a combination of hard work, and a sophisticated computer software programme, the activists were able to identify information that its shredders would have preferred them not to.

By its very nature confidential information can attract ‘interest’ from lots of different quarters, and as the ‘activists’ in Ukraine demonstrated, often people can be prepared to go to great lengths to try and access it. Carrying out document shredding in-house doesn’t guarantee that your information will stay confidential and it can be costly, and time-consuming, as well as leaving a glorious mess to clear up!

Avoid any doubt about how safe, secure and confidential document shredding is by using professional experts. At CAS Ltd all documents are double shredded for your peace of mind, and in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, to ensure they cannot be read again. The shredded paper pulp is then securely recycled in the most environmentally friendly manner. Our clients can rest assured that their information will stay confidential.

Whether it’s on or off-site, we supply and deliver FREE bins, sacks and consoles, and you don’t need to sign any contracts with us.

Whatever your requirement (weekly collections, or a single office clear out), you can rest assured that we will take care of your document shredding and recycling needs.

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