Yet again, we are very proud of Mike Evans. Mike is a Brentwood based super middle weight boxer that CAS have sponsored throughout his amateur and now professional career. On Saturday 1st December Mike fought his third professional fight at the Prince Regent Hotel in Chigwell. He won the fight in no time at all; a second round knock out! He is going from strength to strength and we couldn’t be prouder of him.


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Danny Clark, Managing Director of CAS commented:

“We are so proud of Mike. It has been amazing watching him grow in skills, strength and confidence. We know one day he will achieve the titles he dreams of. He is so dedicated to training – his commitment is an inspiration to all of us! We will support him til he gets there. Here at CAS, we feel it is so important to support the local community, and in particular young people with a dream and a passion. I think local businesses should do all that they can to give a little back.”

We will continue to update you on Mike’s progress through the blog. We know one day he will achieve his ultimate goal of an world title and on that day we will be more than proud to tell the world about it!

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