Archive Storage in London

With 841,000 private sector business, London has more firms, than any other region in the UK. Consequently, finding effective, easy to access archive storage in London can sometimes be a challenge.

This might seem surprising given the history that London has for being a major source of information for the UK, with it being home of the National Archives "the


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UK government's official archive, containing 1,000 years of history", and the location of many globally renowned museums.

Archive storage and document storage services at CAS Ltd state of the art archive storage facilities in London (and across the UK), have been keeping our clients’ documents safe and secure for over 20 years. With our excellent coverage of London we are able to offer our bespoke service to businesses across the capital, and Greater London, making efficient, cost effective archive storage a reality. For added convenience, and to help make the lives of our customers easier, we offer a 2 hour collection or retrieval service covering the whole of London.

Our archive storage facility for London, like all our other document storage centres, has been designed to allow maximum flexibility and easy access to the material you have stored with us. Each of the archive boxes stored at our premises is individually bar-coded and scanned using the latest technology, so that its exact location can be pinpointed. If you request any documentation to be returned, each archive box will be scanned when leaving our racking system, and delivered on tracked vehicles, keeping a secure audit trail of all clients’ transactions.

With competitive prices and transparent no 'hidden costs' approach, CAS Ltd make  state of the art document storage services, and the peace of mind that they offer, a reality for the 841,000 businesses in London.

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